Take control of your health and fitness with comprehensive strength and conditioning programs, designed to develop all the physical attributes you need to play your best golf whilst looking and feeling like an athlete.

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4 weeks of training to kickstart your fitness or to reset your systems and learn how to move effectively..

 is your mobility holding you back?

 6 workouts a week focused on improving your mobility, stability and movement patterns.

complete program for becoming a golf athlete

Develop complete athletic performance that transfers directly to success on and off the course.

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    The Golf Performance Coach programs are the culmination of 7 years of experience working in the fitness industry. Since graduating Loughborough University with an honours degree in Human Biology I have spent my career coaching clients from all walks of life.
    In this time I have opened 2 gyms, coached hundreds of individual clients and many more in groups. I’ve had the privilege of coaching professional athletes performing on the international stage, coached the Special Forces and prepared a military team to successfully cross the Antarctic.
    As an avid golfer myself (2.5hcp), I understand the importance of effective Strength and Conditioning programming. I developed this platform to bring golfers the highest level of programming available in order to develop their golf whilst building an athletic body that functions optimally for life.

    Michael Jordan

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