Golf Mobility

This program is designed with one goal in mind - to improve your mobility so that you can swing with improved range of motion and control. We keep the workouts nice and short so that you always have time to fit them around your busy schedule - they can be performed as stand alone workouts or bolted on to your existing workout plan.
Improve Your Mobility
$10 / Month
Reduce Injuries and Pain
10-20 min
Improved Consistency
Workouts per week

You know you need to work on your mobility for golf, but where do you start?

We’ve taken all the guesswork and confusion out of mobility for golf with this program. With clear and easy to follow workouts you will be able to start improving your mobility in as little as ten minutes each day. 

We focus on improving your mobility in three key areas – your hips, spine and shoulders. This is the best way to get the most return on investment for the time you spend training.

We also throw in some brilliant accessory work, so that your entire body is trained and your core is strengthened.



4 week training blocks to ensure progress

Just like a Strength and Conditioning program, we use fundamental principles to ensure you see improvements week after week. We deliver the program in 4 week blocks so that you never get bored of repeating the same old workouts again and again.

clear and concise instructional videos

Unlike a PDF plan, this program is delivered through our partners at TrainHeroic. This means that every exercise comes with an easy to understand video demonstration so that you can be confident you are performing each movement as intended.

Train at home or in the gym

We’ve specifically designed this program so that you can perform it at home with minimal kit should you wish to. You will however need some very basic equipment which we cover in more detail in the very first video in the program.

Resistance Bands
2 x Dumbbells/Kettlebells
Foam Roller