Movement Fundamentals

This program is designed to help improve your movement and mobility from the ground up. Whether you're new to the gym, have been out of action for a while or you're simply looking to strip your training back to work on improving your foundation, this is the program for you.
Improve Movement Patterns
Increase Your Mobility
30-60 min
Identify Weak Movements
Workouts per week
3 or 6

The program that every golfer should do...

We’re incredibly proud of this program – we’ve tried and tested it with golfers of all ages and abilities and it produced incredible results every single time. In just 4 weeks you will strip your movement right back to the most important elements, learning how to move correctly and mobilise your body to improve your range of motion. 

By the end of the program you will have made drastic improvements to your mobility, allowing you to not only train more effectively in the gym but to also swing freely without pain or tightness.

Not only will you improve your mobility but you will learn how to correctly perform the foundational movement patters so that you can take your strength training to new levels whilst mitigating the risk of injury.



from corrective exercises to moving correctly

Unlike traditional programs that focus on using increased weight or volume to progress the intensity, the Movement Fundamentals program uses exercise selection to increase the demand of each workout.

By stripping your training right back to basics, you will be able to identify anything that is holding you back and have a clear plan on how to remedy it.

clear and concise instructional videos

Unlike a PDF plan, this program is delivered through our partners at TrainHeroic. This means that every exercise comes with an easy to understand video demonstration so that you can be confident you are performing each movement as intended.

Train at home or in the gym

We’ve specifically designed this program so that you can perform it at home with minimal kit should you wish to. You will however need some very basic equipment which we cover in more detail in the very first video in the program.

Resistance Bands
2 x Dumbbells/Kettlebells
Foam Roller