Athlete Success Stories

No matter where you find yourself in your golf journey we have a program that will help you unlock your next level of performance. Below are just a few of golfers just like you who have used our services to see incredible changes in their game and quality of movement. 

Kevin, 58

Kevin joined the GPC community just after he retired, meaning he had a lot more time to play and wanted to commit to improving his movement quality. Here’s what Kevin had to say after completing the 4 week Fundamentals program:

“Having read many articles about how “father time” impacts on a golfer’s loss of distance, I wanted to find something that helped me focus on maintaining and improving my flexibility and strength. 

I feel generally fitter and my skeletal system is functioning better than it has for many years.  Once golf courses were allowed to open following the COVID 19 lockdown, I won my golf club’s first monthly medal competition, shooting 4 shots under my handicap.  Key to this was my new found ability to make a full, unforced, shoulder turn.”

Max, 22

Max has been one of our athletes since day 1. As the Assistant Pro at my home club, I was fortunate enough to play with him regularly and it took no time to highlight just how much his lack of distance was holding him back. What followed was an incredible transformation – Max brought the same level of consistency and discipline to his training and nutrition as he did to practicing his golf and as a result he saw incredible performance improvements in an incredibly short time frame.

Jon, 36

Jon signed up to the Complete Golf Performance program as he was suffering with sever back pain and noticed he was lacking distance off the tee. Jon started training with us during lockdown but that didn’t hold him back from making fantastic progress:

“I found the workouts great even with limited gym equipment at home. It’s been great having a structured program I can follow even during lockdown that allows me to use what kit I have effectively.

I’ve been on the program now for 12 weeks and my back and core are now stronger than ever which has been great for my distance off the tee.”

Phil, 42

When Phil came to us, he was already a regular gym goer who used Calisthenics in his training a lot. He was struggling with his shoulders and this was limiting the turn in his swing but also affecting his regular gym work.

After completing the 4 week Fundamentals program, Phil noticed a distinct improvement in his shoulder mobility, both in rotation and flexion overhead. Phil also saw his core strength increase, translating into a more powerful and efficient swing.

Harry, 23

Harry came to me struggling with hip pain from a serious injury and wanting to increase his CHS. Fast forward 6 months and Harry is now stronger than ever, with his hip pain a thing of the past. With his improved mobility and strength he has also seen his CHS increase from 112mph to 117mph.

We also had detailed discussions over the phone to deep dive into Harry’s nutrition – as a classic “hard-gainer” Harry needed guidance on how to structure his nutrition to support his training and increase his lean muscle mass. 



Bespoke programming built just for you

With each program built from scratch for the individual, you can be assured that the 1-2-1 coaching at the Golf Performance Coach will take your golf and fitness to the next level. Whether you’re on the road a lot, have a hectic playing schedule or need tailored workouts to fit around equipment or injury limitations, private coaching will give you exactly what you need so that your time in the gym is spent doing only what you need to do to get the results you want.